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I believe that you may already know what the Ballerina OpenAPI tool is. If not please refer to my previous article here 😇, then you will have an idea about the tool we are going to use.

Before going to today go-to topic let's look at what connector is.

What is the Connector?

Connectors are the bunch of functions or the template that can be used to get the necessary data from calling relevant API. It is a user-friendly approach for accessing data through REST API. Simply we can say the connectors are the medium in serving API data for you.


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Are you the person who is interested in going your system implementation with API? If you are treating your APIs as First-Class Citizens in your system. I do not doubt you are knowing two main approaches Design First and Code First, you can take to implement your APIs. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with these two schools of thoughts 😃. I’m here to make you aware of it and this article, I use to discuss how we ballerina address these two approaches.

What is `Design First Approach`?

Let me give a summary of what is Design-First. The Design-First approach is a…

Figure 01: Ballerina Service file with its OpenAPI Specification file

If you are extreme in API development, I do not doubt your consciousness with OpenAPI. OpenAPI is an API description format for REST APIs. It will describe your entire APIs and be documented with the formatted specification. You can use this specification for generating mock service with your coding language. How cool the ballerina language also has this capability. you do not need to spend some time on coding by yourself. In ballerina 1.0.2 version has been released with the super excellent feature as Ballerina OpenAPI Tool. …

GitHub Actions image -01— https://github.com/actions/upload-artifact

Hi folks , after having a long time period I came to you with this article. Hope you guys may enjoy this. Are you willing to automate, customize and execute your software development workflow ? this is for you : )

Before moving to our main topic, I would like to give you some general sense of the definition of GitHub Action Flow.

What is GitHub Action?

Version controlling in the software project is a necessary task for software developers. Using GitHub we can track our progress and we can clearly manage our contribution with other developers. In 2018 GitHub gave more than just…

Are you seeking best web server host your web application and make your customer happy? This article is for you. :)

What is Nginx?

Before moving to our main topic, I would like to make you aware of Nginx. It will be the main role in the article.

Nginx is a light and faster web server that wrote for solving the c10k problem. It is the most popular open source software for web serving that competes with Apache and Microsoft IIS. Nginx will satisfy all your requirements when you are going to host your application. It considers as an all…

(My Experience with Icinga2 and Capistrano3)

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As I promised in my previous blog, Today I bring to you explanation of my previous code. I believe you may get some idea at the end of this article. Before moving to the explanation i would like to say you, you can make any change to this code as your need of service. In here i mainly focus on two option about monitoring servers in icinga. One is considered for nrpe checks and other is considered without nrpe checks.

Main Code

First two lines called API for getting the all host name and their ip address…

(My Experience with Icinga2 and Capistrano3)

Hi my friends,

Here I bring a new tutorial for my article series. Today I’m going to guide you to complete the main steps of our system. I recommend you to use a vagrant box to build up a sample system by yourselves. In here I installed icinga2 and Capistrano in two instances.

Step 01

Create master agent system using icinga2. Are you new to icinga2? Then follow their documentation. It will help you to build icinga server. In here I used two clients for monitoring using icinga2 master. I named clients as client1 and client02.

Step 02

Set up…

(My Experience with Icinga2 and Capistrano3.)

Hi Friends,

Are you fed up with deploy server error manually when it became fail? Are you still searching the way to recover your server automatically? Auto-healing monitoring alert system is there for you :).

Before moving to my experience let me to do small introduction of my main roles Icinga2 and Capistrano 3.


As a DevOps engineer, you may use icinga2 as your monitoring tool. It is an open sources monitoring system that helps you to check your network availability. C++ uses for writing the icinga2. You can use Linux/UNIX and Windows for building it. In here I…

figure 1

Hi my friends ,

welcome to my first article, Are you a novice to Infrastructure as code? If yes, This is for you. :)

Well, let’s move to have a brief idea about what infrastructure as code [Iac] is. Assume you have a datacenter underlying hardware and software which are dynamically changing. You should have the ability to be leverage which can allocate resources in line. It is a problem when you are going to handle the hundreds of datacenters. Infrastructure as code is one of answer for that. …

As I promised in my previous blog I’m ready to fill your brain with the foundation of making chatbot. The chatbot is the major talking point in the business world.

In here I’m going to use python 3 for create chatbot. So you have to download python package chatterBot and install it your local system. Before you install chatterbot package, you have to install pip package for python. After that here is the command line command for installing python chatterbot package are shown in figure 1.1

(this command for windows os)

>>pip install chatterbot

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